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I am grateful...

There is a story that goes with this picture of my brothers & sisters & me. I am 4 years old here. It's my sister Katie's 18th birthday. Our electricity had just been turned back on. At this point in my life, I had had about 83 surgeries. I had a port in my chest that my mom had to run IV antibiotics in. My dad taught summer school. My mom worked a part-time job. They were both at work when the electric man came to the house & shut off our electricity. It was just us 6 kids at home and we were scared. My mom came home & started crying & had to call to get it back on. They wouldn't turn it on unless we put a $500 deposit down that they would hold for a whole year. My dad wasn't going to get paid until the next day. So,

we had to wait till he got paid. She then paid the late bill & $500 that we would not see again for a full year. And the electricity was turned back on just in time for Katie's birthday. It was very scary because of my IV antibiotics, which had to stay cold in the refrigerator, luckily, they were run by a grenade instead of a pump. My feeding tube she just pushed in with a 60 cc syringe instead of using my feeding pump. My mom figured out ways of keeping us going. This is why I started my nonprofit. I want to help kids and their families at Mott Hospital so that their electricity does not get shut off. So, they don't have to worry about these kinds of things. Our family knows what it's like. I have had serious health issues since birth. My dad has been sick since 2005. When you have a medical person in your family it makes everything hard. And we want to help make things easier for patients & their families at the hospital that has kept me alive since birth. Please donate if you can to my nonprofit. Please tell anyone you know at Mott Hospital who might need help. We want to help families with serious complex medical needs.

Today I am grateful for people that have donated to my nonprofit to help kids & their families at Mott hospital! The first check came from Facebook for birthday fundraisers for almost $3,000! All of the money I am raising for my nonprofit will go to help patients & their families.

Love, Larry jr

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1 Comment

Josh Wells
Josh Wells
Sep 04, 2022

Wow Larry, you and your family have been through a lot and still choose to help others! What a grateful heart!

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