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The Joy Of Today

A few days ago, a friend of mine who lives a very similar/often turbulent life as we do, and has had her share of trauma and grief, sent these very wise words to me.

"I don't know what the future holds, but today things are good. I'm learning that spending too much time in the past or anticipating difficulties in the future only steals the joy of today. I don't want to miss the joy of today anymore."

I am grateful for her kindness, friendship, strength, graciousness and love. Thank you, my friend.

After 7 weeks, Larry came home from Mott Hospital. He had a very tough time. Things did not always go well. He received excellent care from the staff at Mott as always. He ended up having 4 total surgeries while there, bringing his surgery total to 114. He was admitted to the PICU from the OR twice, then critical care and fragile for most of his stay. He has had a complete abdominal wall reconstruction.

Larry ended up returning to Mott yesterday. He has been having a lot of abdominal pain and his weight is down to 77 pounds. We were concerned for another abscess in that belly. After running all kinds of tests, they believe that it is surgical pain and that it is making it hard for Larry to eat and talk. Eating hurts. They let Larry Jr come home and we continue to care for him here. But he must gain weight.

Earlier this week, we spent 4 days at our friend's condo in Petoskey, and it was so wonderful and peaceful and helped us all recharge. We are grateful.

Now we get ready for the 5K fundraiser for Larry's nonprofit. We are one month from race day. And considering Larry spent nearly 2 months in the hospital, I think we are doing pretty good with all of our preparations.

We are currently very grateful for this year's sponsors and for the 103 runners that have signed up so far!

Larry's non-profit has helped over 90 families since beginning! We know what these families who have children in life threatening circumstances at Mott are going through. They need financial assistance. It is very hard living at the hospital, eating hospital food, ordering food, gas, hotel, missing work. We get it. We are so grateful to our wonderful community for helping Larry and our family help others!

Please follow this link and register/donate/sponsor for Larry's race on July 27 in Pinckney so we can continue to help our Mott Hospital Families! Thank you!

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