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We are having a garage sale! All proceeds will go to the Larry Prout Jr Courage Fund!

Please share!

We are having our 6th annual fundraising garage sale to benefit a local nonprofit.

This year the big sale will benefit Larry's 503(c) nonprofit to help patients just like him!

Okay, we are doing it! Larry just got home from the hospital and is recovering. He has to keep casts on both his feet for 4 weeks. So, I think it's a perfect time to get ready for our annual garage sale!!!!

This year 100% of the proceeds are going to the "Larry Prout Jr (Brave Bear) Courage Fund." A 503(c) nonprofit that we have started in Larry's honor, to help patients and their families at Mott Hospital with emergency financial needs. We have been helped so much over the years by friends and family and complete strangers. We never would have survived everything without all the generous help. And we are very grateful.

We want to fundraise to help others. To help others like we have been helped. The sale will be ---JUNE 23, 24 & 25, AT OUR HOUSE.---. I AM ASKING FOR GENTLY USED DONATIONS THAT WE CAN SELL AT THIS FUNDRAISER. Please message me if you are able to donate items. Here is the link below to Larry's nonprofit Facebook page, and there's also a link on that page to the website for the nonprofit. You can donate directly to the nonprofit if you choose, by following the appropriate links. Please let us know if you can donate anything! We are ready to work very hard to raise money for kids just like Larry! Thank you!

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