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Why we do, what we do.

Larry is home now. That was a rough infection. But he is feeling much better. He ended up with both gram-negative rods and gram-positive rods.

This is an example of why we started Larry's nonprofit and why we are doing what we do.

He was in the hospital from Friday, March 24, to Tuesday, March 28. He then had to go back to Mott yesterday and today for hospitalization follow-ups, relating to this latest infection. That is 7 days back and forth to Ann Arbor. This is a relatively short stay.

One of us always stays with Larry Jr, the other drives back and forth, and we often switch places. A week is not so bad compared to the many times he would be in the hospital for 3 to 6 months on a stretch.

So, if you average the gas, food at Mott, food on the road to and from Ann Arbor, parking, etc... We spent approximately, $240.

Now, we used to have to do this with 5 more children at home. Six kids. Plus, my husband has been ill since 2005.

We were always broke, struggling, we had our electricity shut off, we lost our last home to foreclosure. It was very hard. But we have always been very happy, and our older kids adore Larry Jr and our Bear has always brought so much joy to our family. And without the help that we received; we would not have survived as well as we have. Our 5 older children are on their own now. It is just Larry Senior, Junior and me. Bear will always need my husband and I, or a family member to support him.

We've been doing this with Larry Jr for 21 years. And this is lifelong.

There is such a need for a way to put money directly into the pockets of these families who are living this kind of life. And we really do understand and truly want to help. And that is what Larry's nonprofit does.

We give financial assistance because we want to help with gasoline, hotels, car repairs, new tires, groceries, clothing, school supplies, holidays, birthdays, electricity and gas and home repairs. Unexpected problems like a blown hot water heater, a sump pump that gives out and floods your basement, or a failed car transmission. Super high electricity bills and a generator in case you lost electricity because---- You MUST always have electricity, you run IV pumps, have a special medical refrigerator to hold all TPN-at home IV antibiotics and fluids-medical supplies, and oxygen tanks/machines and trach machines. I'm speaking from experience.

Please, please help us get the word out so we can help lift some of the stress these families are facing, so they can focus on the care of their loved one. Please help us reach Mott families that are going through these wild, medical journeys. A journey we have been on since Larry was born. We get it. We are all in this together, and we can't not do this without the help of our wonderful community. We are grateful.

Thank you!

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