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We must keep moving forward!

Good morning,

Larry continues to do his walking and he prays for poop. Nothing much has changed. He had a very sad an emotional meltdown yesterday because he misses home and just wants to be better. It was very heartbreaking.

Larry has been in the hospital in the past for a very long time. And work must get done. The show must go on. We have to get into a routine where we continue making our house, yard and chores get done and working on his non-profit.

I switched with Dad last night and am working on Larry's non-profit today. We get on average three grant applications per week. I have three to send out today. Every time we send out a grant to help another family, I do cry. Because I know what it's like. Our family understands what these families are going through.

I also have to start working on the 5k-1-mile funrun. It is July 27th. I'm getting very stressed about that cuz normally I'm putting flyers out and doing social media and emailing people. But with Larry in the hospital, it's just been very tough.

And as of today, we have zero sponsors for the event. We need sponsors. I'm attaching the information here. If you can sponsor or know of someone who might like to or want to run in Larry's 5K-1-mile funrun, to help children and their families at Mott Hospital, the forms are below. Message me if you have trouble.

We truly are grateful for runners and sponsors. That's how we are able to help families at Mott Hospital. Because of all of you. We cannot do it without our generous and loving community.

I'm off to do my work here and big Larry is with Larry Jr and they are walking, walking, walking and praying for poop.

Please share over July 27th RUN WITH THE BEAR information on your social media. That helps so much with getting the word out and attracting sponsors and runners. Thank you so much everyone!

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